North Shore Piano Lessons

Private piano instruction in your home in Wilmette, Winnetka,
Kenilworth, or Evanston since 1992.

Patient, easy-going.


All ages.

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What folks are saying...

From a parent...

“I feel so fortunate to have Nancy teach my daughter. She is a patient and thoughtful teacher. She has the ability to modify her teaching technique based on the needs of the student and has a variety of teaching activities that are fun and interesting to keep her students engaged. Her lessons go beyond learning to play the piano to include a comprehensive knowledge of music theory. My child looks forward to seeing Nancy each week. Regardless the extent to which my daughter pursues music, I know she will be happy and grateful to have had Nancy’s instruction.”

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More Testimonials

More testimonials...

From another adult student...

Nancy DeHaven has been my piano teacher for over ten years. She is a tremendous teacher, no matter your level of prior piano experience.

Nancy is patient with the learning process, which was critical for me because I started with no prior experience. She is an enthusiastic teacher -- I enjoy our lessons a great deal. We will focus on the piece I am playing, of course, but Nancy knows so much about music history and theory that we often digress to insightful conversations that put the music in an interesting and broader context. Nancy knows the piano repertoire front to back, and she has come to understand the type of music that I prefer to play. She identifies and assigns pieces (or exercises) that I look forward to playng, which makes practice a pleasure and not a chore.

Nancy's teaching is tailored to meet the personality and goals of each of her students. Nancy takes the time to talk through what we are trying to accomplish in our lessons and the steps that we will take to get there. I cannot tell you how often she arrives with a story or idea for a lesson that she thought about during the week and on her own time.

Nancy has made piano interesting, challenging and fun. When I started playing, I never imagined that I would play for this many years. Nor did I expect to ever be able to play advanced piano. Yet here I am, after many years and hundreds of pieces, still enjoying piano and looking forward to seeing Nancy every week.

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